Do Good Stories: Micah Harold at Red Handed Tattoo Parlor on Pandemic Relief & Helping Someone Who Robbed Him

November 24, 2021

This November we're sharing Do Good Stories with people who are doing good that we are thankful for!

This week we talked to Micah Harold, tattoo artist & owner of Red Handed Tattoo Parlor in Shreveport. We talked to Micah because his shop was voted "The Nicest Place in Louisiana" by Readers Digest after helping to collect over $10,000 worth of supplies during the pandemic. But not long after that, Michah's shop was robbed by a 19 year old who ended up hospitalized, and Micah decided not only to forgive the robber, but made an effort to get to know his family and advocate on his behalf in court. You've got to hear the whole story, and stay tuned at the end for a surprise that may or may not involve one of the hosts getting a tattoo on the podcast.


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