EP: 42 The Band is back in town!!

We welcome the Wolf and Daniel on to the podcast to talk about what has been happening behind the scenes with the band.  They talk about all the changes that have been made since March and all the new faces you see now on Sundays! Things get silly but they get real on this podcast!


EP. 41 We are Back!!! But where did we go? and Why did we go?

If you have been wondering where we have been one word....Failure. Thats right, as the host I have gone a little lax in producing podcast and you'll get to find out why! Thats not all! Justin and John discuss covid and the church as well, about the true reason why we are not meeting and the decision behind the decision.


EP. 40 We welcome Joe and Jessie to the Backstage.

In this Special Episode of Backstage with the Simple Church we be hearing from Joe Smarro and Jessie Trevino. Both are law enforcement officers with the San Antonio police dept and specialize in training professionals on how to deal with those with mental health issues.  Its a fascinating discussion, these two men have a lot of insite on how we can all be better at helping those around us. 


EP 1: Where have we been?!!!

If you have been wondering where we have been, this is your update!  Its short but sweet, and informative. Welcome to season 2 of Backstage with Simple Church.


EP 39: Backstage with Daryll Graham!!

We go backstage with volunteer Daryll Graham on this special podcast.  Daryll has been with us for a long time as a greeter.  He may have a checkered past, but he has a wonderful heart. He can cook too! Join us for this deep, somewhat emotional, eye opening podcast with Daryll Graham.


EP 38:Nobody’s on the Podcast

This is a very special podcast, the first remote on location podcast we have ever done! We are at NOBODY Customs LLC in K town (Keithville). We go backstage with Blake "Tricky" Lavassar, and Joel Williams about how they came to Simple Church and how Lifegroups have influenced their lives! Remember Its lifegroup season so join or start one today! 


EP 37: Yoda aka Ray Raney akaThe man of many names is Backstage today!

Welcome Ray Rainey to the podcast today! Ray is our newest, oldest, but wisest staff member, and he goes way way way back with most of us.  Hear how he came into ministry, and hear about his heart for people! Listen today!


EP 36: Welcome the Wolf!!

Welcome the Wolf to the podcast! He is a legend, he is wild, he is one of a kind for sure! He has been around a long long time, and lots of good stories. Listen today!


EP 35: Special Guest and COVID-19 survivor Ryan Sther is with us!!

Join us as we talk to Ryan Sther.  We discuss with him what his experience with COVID-19 was like.  If you think its fake or politically motivated then you might want to listen up! He can tell you that it was not made up! Thank you for listening!


EP 34: Backstage with Christi Rhodes!

We get to know Christi Rhodes better in this podcast! Hear how she came to simple church as well as her singing career start.  She has even sang at a very famous location in New York! Listen today to find out and sign up for a watch party today!

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