EP 37: Yoda aka Ray Raney akaThe man of many names is Backstage today!

Welcome Ray Rainey to the podcast today! Ray is our newest, oldest, but wisest staff member, and he goes way way way back with most of us.  Hear how he came into ministry, and hear about his heart for people! Listen today!


EP 36: Welcome the Wolf!!

Welcome the Wolf to the podcast! He is a legend, he is wild, he is one of a kind for sure! He has been around a long long time, and lots of good stories. Listen today!


EP 35: Special Guest and COVID-19 survivor Ryan Sther is with us!!

Join us as we talk to Ryan Sther.  We discuss with him what his experience with COVID-19 was like.  If you think its fake or politically motivated then you might want to listen up! He can tell you that it was not made up! Thank you for listening!


EP 34: Backstage with Christi Rhodes!

We get to know Christi Rhodes better in this podcast! Hear how she came to simple church as well as her singing career start.  She has even sang at a very famous location in New York! Listen today to find out and sign up for a watch party today!


EP 33: One of the most important things we can do now is Listen…

This is a special podcast, as we listen to Brandon Lacey, Senior pastor of New Life Full Gospel House of Worship, and Brian Wilson, Pastor of Galilee Baptist Church, talk about how racism has effected their lives and what we can do to help turn the tide. Their experiences, upbringing, and pasts has us looking from a different perspective as we see Shreveport/Bossier through their eyes. Listen, listen, listen to these Black Christian men who just want the voices of their community heard to affect positive change in this country.  


EP 32: First time caller long time listener!!

Today we hear from Kenny Dean, Pastor of The Bridge in Houston, TX. He is our first ever call in guest! Kenny and Justin go way back many many years.  They go over old stories and we hear how COVID is affecting Kenny and his church in Houston. It's always good to listen to someone else's perspective on how things are in their area!


EP 31: When are we coming back?….

The question we are hearing from everyone is, "when are we coming back?". We answer that in this podcast! It may not be the answer you want, but it is what we think is the best course for us and yours during this crazy time! Listen today!!


EP 30: Fathers Day Special!!

Its a fathers day special podcast with the man, the myth, the legend, Bill McConathy! Bill talks about his journey of raising 3 daughters, and now trasnsitioning into the grandfather role!  Listen today to a very special podcast for fathers day! 


EP 29: Starting the Conversation

In this interesting time in our country we are trying our best to find out where and how we can help.  Today we begin a conversation with Wendal and Lewis, two African American leaders in our community to try to figure out how we can help make sure all lives matter, but especially those that are ethnically and culturally different from us.  We evaluate and listen to their stories and frankly get a gut punch about what we can do to help locally in this national issue. We are one but only if we understand, love, and accept everyone through the love of Jesus. Listen and subscribe today to this very important and informative podcast.


EP 28: Van Haigler

We are going back in time through the Haigler's past with Glen Meirs! An old friend from the Southwood days. Travel back and hear the stories of just how crazy Justins always been. Plus we have some real good 80's rock in this podcast!